I switched to mac not long ago and I love it.. I love Imovie and I am very good with it.. but..I was looking for:

A software that allows me to put a video and a song, and the software itself mixes it, like mixes scenes with video effects, all following the music rhythm and beat of the song... I used to have a software like that on PC and I do not remember what it was called.. but It was amazing.. all the videos I made with it looked super professional.. like over the top music videos..

Do you know any software for Mac that does that?

FYI: I have last summer video from a party I went to.. its a bunch of random clips of people.. I wanna put music in the background and I wanna mix all the scenes like a music video.. but it has to follow the music... like it needs to be synced.. I dunno if you what I am saying