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    iMovie cross refer projects and events
    I often find myself wanting to know which events a given project is using, but cannot find an option which allows me to do this in iMovie '09

    I suspect that I have events that are not used in any of my projects, and would like to delete them. Also, after copying some projects (and their constituent events) to another disk, I would like to confirm that I can delete the events from the original disk without danger of upsetting other projects .... and if I am likely to do this, then which are the projects that would be 'upset'

    The solution to all my problems would be to cross reference all my projects and events on a given disk. Does anyone know of a way of doing this please?

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    The only thing I see is that you can right click on a clip in the project and choose "Reveal in Event Browser". For source material not in an event, such as a picture, use "Reveal in Finder".

    There is a file for the project that contains information for each resource used, but only Apple could tell you the format. You might be able to hobble something together to read the resources used, if you know how to program. You can certainly read it 'Property List Editor', but cannot edit it. PLE may be a part of the Cocoa developer install. I'm not sure because I already have that installed.
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    Thanks Xstep, that's been a help (1st paragraph). It's a shame that a cross reference facility does not exist.

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