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    Best Format for Downloaded Youtube Videos?
    I'm downloading videos from Youtube to help me learn some new drumming techniques. I've been using Zamzar to download from Youtube onto my MBP and then play them using VLC which works great because VLC can slow down the video enough for me to see what's going on. But in order to see details in full screen I need to have the best looking video.

    I've seen the same video downloaded from Youtube as 'video.mp4' and from the authors website as '.avi' and when both are played on VLC the .avi looks much better.

    My question is, Zamzar allows you to choose from many formats to convert the video to. Which format should I choose in order to get the best video? Thanks

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    1. Quicktime .mov
    2. Windows Media Player .wmv

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    Quote Originally Posted by askclifford View Post
    1. Quicktime .mov
    2. Windows Media Player .wmv
    Thanks. Would there be a #3 for VLC?

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    cant VLC play wmv or mov?
    anyway, avi would be the 3, in my opinion.

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    Thanks guys. As you can see I am a total noob at DV so I'm really talking out my **** on this stuff. My goal is simply to download videos, mainly from Youtube, and use VLC because it can slow down the video (I'm learning how to drum).

    I'm really just learning about this stuff (DV) so I'm just trying to figure out if a downloaded video can be improved apon, especially since I like to be able to watch the video in full screen and in slow motion. I don't know if anything can be done by the method it's downloaded or by using some application such as Handbrake afterwards.

    Currently I'm just going the route of double clicking on Activity while the video is playing in Safari to download it then just playing it on VLC. Seems ok but if there's a way to improve on it then I'll try it. Thanks for all your help (and patience).

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