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    Export files in Final Cut Pro to quicktime
    so heres the story, i imported some mxf footage in final cut pro on my mac 10.6.2 (snow leopard), and saved it as quicktime and transfered them to an external HDD. Now the editor has 10.4.8(tiger) mac and when he tries to view the footage final cut comes up but nothing shows up on the timeline and it wont open up in quicktime on his mac. Is it because his mac is outdated?

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    In a nutshell, yes.

    He can update to 10.4.11 (and should have done so ages ago!) and run a more recent version of QuickTime (and again, should have done this ages ago), and you can help by re-outputting the file using older codec settings (for example, DV format rather than QuickTime, though of course the resulting file will be larger -- but at least it will be lossless rather than the lossy footage you are trying to give him).

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    You've got DVCPRO-HD footage, in QT format, nothing wrong with it. But he'll need FCP 5 or later to see it.
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