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Thread: How do I edit my videos from my cannon fs200 on imovie?

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    How do I edit my videos from my cannon fs200 on imovie?
    I want to edit the videos that I have filmed on my cannon fs200 but the videos are in .mod format. I have changed the file extension to .mpg, I have download converters and everything, nothing seems to work.... If anyone has any ideas I would be much obliged.. Thanks...

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    What version of iMovie do you have? From what I read from other users of the camera - if you have iMovie '08 or '09 and connect the camera to the computer iMovie should be able to import the footage (although it may require that you don't mess with the individual files and leave them where they are on the card) - for that matter, where were they on the card? Is there a reason you were trying to import the individual files rather then attempt to import from the camera?
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    Bravo for figuring out that "mod" is just a proprietary version of Mpeg.

    Sadly, iMovie doesn't read MPEG (well, MPEG-2 which is what you have there) files. You'll need to convert them.

    One program that is free and I know works directly with .mod files is MPEG Streamclip. It can do basic editing right there (I mean REALLY basic editing), and can convert the file into a format iMovie wants (I'd suggest DV but bear in mind the resulting files are HUGE!).

    Give it a spin.

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    Thanks for all your suggestion. I am using iMovie 07 and want to import the individual files from camera. Mod seems cant be imported directly. Maybe i need to convert it to a compatible format with my imovie. i will have a try.

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