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    copying Home Video on DVD to hard drive (new to Mac)
    I have been given a DVD+R RW disc of my son's concert that someone recorded for me. It plays fine on the Mac DVD player - but I want to be able to copy it / download it onto my hard drive to send to my family as an email attachment. I have IPhoto '08 (7.1.5) and IMovies '08 (7.1.4) - guess part of the ILife '08 package. Can it be done? Thought it would not be a problem since it's just a home video / audio and there's no copyright / software protection issues. Would appreciate any suggestions...thanks.

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    Presumably it's an authored DVD, so you can just drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop from the disc.
    If it's just a bunch of .vob files, create a VIDEO_TS folder for the, and drag them in.
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