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    Need software to copy DVD's
    I have a young child and have purchased a number of commercial kids DVD's. I am concerned about these DVDs getting damaged and therefore would like to copy them. Can anyone give me some software suggestions. I would like to be able to copy these encrypted DVDs and preferably burn a disc using the same software. When I had a PC, I used 1Click and it worked great.

    Thanks, Nancy

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    It pains me to say it, but making legitimate backups of your legitimately-purchased DVDs is patently illegal in the USA. Due to this little screw-up called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we're not allowed to discuss this issue on the forum. Good luck, though, Nancy.

    Keep in mind that DVDs are actually pretty durable, and there are low-cost refinishing solutions for them if they become terribly damaged that will restore them to like-new condition

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