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Thread: Avi to mpeg

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    Avi to mpeg
    Can anyone help me? I want to burn some films onto dvd-rw but at the moment they are avi files. I have been told i need to first convert them to mpeg but all the programmes that i have found through google either cost lots or seem really complicated.

    I've got a macbook pro so have iDVD to burn once i have got it to mpeg...

    Please.... anyone....

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    Handbrake or ffmpegx, both of which are free.
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    Another option: buy an inexpensive DVD player that supports DivX/XviD. This way, you don't have to convert anything, you just burn the AVI files (which are almost certainly in DivX/XviD format) to a data disc, stick it in the player, choose which entry you want and enjoy.

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    Another option is to grab Burn and see if it will handle your AVIs... In the DVD video section of Burn, it's designed to just take video files and it will convert and make a dvd. I've had some success with it, but not with all file containers/codecs/resolutions.
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