Hi I am using a brand new camera that is not recognized in iMovie.
I just bought (Yesterday) a PAL CANON MVX350i. Seems like a great camera, BUT I cannot get it to be recognized in the newest version of iMovie. Latest update done... I have also installed the software that came with the camera for OSX, but just seems to be for the digital photo part of things.

I have not found it on any compatibility lists, BUT according to several forums I read in Sweden, all Canon cameras should work, and it was even recommended on the MacUser UK site and reviewed! I am at wit's end about what to do...

I am an experienced Mac user (since 1987) and have used countless Sony cameras in FCPRO and iMovie without a glitch.

I want to keep the camera, but I can't get the footage into the computer... A 2 week old G5 running the latest system software.

any help appreciated. And my sympathies to others with this problem. ALSO, iMovie won't quit, just hangs.

Bert in Sweden