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    Motion Blur Problem
    Hey everyone

    I do not know if the problem I have is actually fixable but since I have not seem this on you tube videos I was wondering if it is something I am doing wrong while editing.

    Alright, now to my problem. I shot a few clips with an HDD HD handycam and these images are of moving objects. The thing that is annoying me is that there are these black motion blur lines on the moving objects.

    The links are of the motion blur problem.

    I don't know if this makes any difference but I have been importing the footage with iMovie and editing and exporting with FCP.

    Any advise on what i could do would be much appreciated.

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    That appears to be interlaced footage. You see those lines when being displayed on a progressive screen and/or computer screen - and that is normal if you're working with interlaced footage or are exporting to interlaced.

    Really, you should be importing and editing in FCP and not importing in iMovie then editing/exporting in FCP. There are many more import options in FCP. You'll need to see what your source footage is - I'm assuming it's 1080i, or you're recording standard def footage, I can't tell from the screen shot. You can try setting your timeline in FCP to the progressive configuration of whatever your footage is, or you can run it thru handbrake and make sure decombing is on. Really, for a progressive destination you'll want to make sure your camera is configured to record progressive footage if possible otherwise you have to convert the footage so it looks good on a computer screen.

    The only other thing it could be, but I've only read about this regarding panning is something that has to do with a setting on the camera that can cause something similar. I don't remember the details on it, but it had something to do with the way the sensor captures the image with a certain type of movement. I'd have to look at Apples website to find the info again, but honestly, that looks more like interlacing then anything else to me. But the issue I've read about appears to only affect iMovie '09, see this link: Of course, this may directly affect you since you're going a round about way to get your footage in instead of just using Final Cut Pro to log and transfer your footage as you really should be doing.
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