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    Can iMovie 09 handle "AVCHD Lite"?
    I am looking at a Panasonic camera, DMC ZS3. Several reviews (CNET, et. al.) have commented on the fact that the video taken by this camera may present problems when it come to editing it...because it uses "AVCHD Lite". I like the camera because of its long telephoto capabilities, 12x (equal to 25 to 300 in 35mm)

    Does anyone know about this camera and whether iMovie 09 (my editing program on iMac) work together, i.e., will iMovie 09 be able to download and edit the video without problems?

    Or, in general, does anyone know whether iMovie 09 imports AVCHD Lite easily and without problems?

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    iMovie '09, iMovie '08: Video issues with Panasonic camera models DMC-ZS3, DMC-FT1, and DMC-TZ7

    I found this by typing "DMC ZS3 imovie 09" into Google. It took all of three seconds.

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    I import AVCHD lite from my TZ7 regularly into iMovie 9 without any problems.
    I remove the SD card from camera, put it into the card reader in mac and go to 'File> Import> Camera Archive' in iMovie.
    I assume it's the same if you connect the camera directly to the mac, but have not tried that method.

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    I use an FT1 without issue....although I did need to update the camera firmware to the latest version first.

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