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jessieh04 03-17-2010 03:30 PM

Record computer activity to canon video camera without software.
Hey guys.

I work in a place where we give presentations via a projector/laptop a lot. We want to be able to give the attendees a dvd of the powerpoint presentations. We tried using a tripod and a camera to record our presentation but we are hitting problems with the image quality and sound. Because it is literally a camera recording a screen in a dark room, the quality is too poor to be able to see some of the data and captions.

Thus, we are on a quest for new ideas. We don't need to see the lecturer in the video but We just need the voice and the presentation to follow along to it. Also, we want to be able to do it without installing software because some of the presenters bring their own laptops and may not feel comfortable with us installing it.

So my question is, I've got an HD Canon Vixia HF200 and I'd like to be able to record something directly from my computer screen into the camera so that we can burn that onto a DVD. I saw a few videos online about doing so, but they use VGA to s-video and I was hoping there were more options then that.

The camera has the following outputs:
- HDMI (preferred)
- The squigly trident USB port (trapeziod shaped)
- Component out (rectangle)
- Mic
- DC in
- Mini Advanced shoe on top

We also have the projector, maybe there is an option with that as well? The ports are as follows:
- usb (but the port is more squared)
- s-video
- video /L and R
- computer component
- monitor out

I'd appreaciate any input. Thanks!

vansmith 03-17-2010 03:36 PM

If you have Snow Leopard, you can use QuickTime X which is included. Simply open QuickTime and go to File > New Screen Recording. In the box that comes up, click the little white arrow and choose your audio input source (microphone) and video quality. Click record and enjoy. Video will be saved to your desktop.

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