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    swf. to mov converter question.
    I was looking for a swf to mov converter for mac and I came across this site. I downloaded the converter and it stated on the installer menu that I needed to download 3 separate binary files called mpeg2enc, mencoder and mplayer so I did that and added them to the installer. When I pressed install it said something about an error in the installation and that it could damage or remove important system files. I'm a but worried about what it means by this, do you know if it means system files of the converter or of the mac itself?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    not need to be so complicated. Try Handbrake, a good free one, very easy to use, it will help convert swf to mov without so many bothering problem.

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    Well from what i have read in your post, system files mean just that. System files. The app you have dl isnt part of the system. If it was meaning files from the app it would have mentioned that.
    As i said system files are system files and i wouldnt mess around with them if i was you. If you delete even one file from the system files your whole OS could crash and be deemed absolutely useless.
    I would seriously look at another application for what you want to to do.
    Have a look at these ....
    Mac SWF Converter
    EasyWMV 1.4.5

    Looking at them the Mac SWF Converter might be the way to go ...


    EDIT : Glad you recommended HB oposky it did pass me by, as i use it, but i thought i read somewhere that it cant do SWF. But obviously it can
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    Ok thanks, I think the real reason that it gave me that warning is that it asked me for my Mac log in password before installation and I left it blank and it gave me that message, but when i entered the password and pressed install it didn't give me the message.

    I guess the very fact that I'm typing this from the same iMac proves that no system files were damaged as my iMac is working fine.

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    Hey guys, so after finding a full version of a converter program(using Xilisoft converter) I find myself having another issue. On other converters that weren't registered and even though there was a logo on the screen, it was still able to convert the entire file.

    On the one I have now it starts the conversion but stops after what I am guessing is the scene changing within the frames to another viewpoint or action. What happens is it plays the first animation but stops converting the file after the first part of the animation within the file is supposed to change. On the other ones it would just change itself and keep going until it was done.

    Is this maybe because the converter is trying to read the file as a movie file in some way as it converts it so its not recognizing the changing scenes within the single swf itself?

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