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Thread: 6pin-9pin firewire cable with Canopus ADVC110. Does it work?

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    6pin-9pin firewire cable with Canopus ADVC110. Does it work?
    I wish to edit my VHS tapes and am considering buying the Canopus ADVC110. I have firewire 800 on my imac with 9pins. The advc110 is only 6 pin(IEEE 1934) firewire and provides a 6pin-6pin cable to attach to the computer. I have heard that if I replace this cable with a 6pin-9pin cable editing is not possible. Is this true? I am worried about proceeding. Would be glad of reassurance! Thanks

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    Where did you hear such ridiculous nonsense? I want to go smack them.

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Canopus ADVC 110 with Firewire 800 ...

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    Many thanks chas_m. The perfect reponse!

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