Hi. Apologies if this is already discussed.

I've had increasing degradation of battery life since using Flash Player extensively (4oD, BBC, etc.)

I mean nuts - I replaced the battery 7 months ago - it's only had 38 cycles and is now below 40% capacity. I've done all the calibrating.

Since it's the second battery to be replaced in 40 months, I'm kind of resigned to being ripped.

The weird part of this is - that using Flash Player makes the fans spin up like jet engines after a minute - and you could fry an egg on the Macbook.

...... UNTIL I took the battery out, and carried on as normal.

No spinning. Low heat. Better performance.

Definitely something odd there. I looked at Activity monitor when the battery was in - and it read 120% of CPU. Without the battery it's about 80% (still ridiculous, Adobe).

My concern is - that while removing the battery greatly improves performance - if I was to upgrade to a Unibody Macbook - would Flash Player cause as much damage to longevity of the inbuilt battery......