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    iMovie problems.
    Okay, bear with me, this may just be me being the newbie of iMovie but anyway, I am a frequent youtube user, I have my own account and I am a big fan of the Sims 3 series. When another youtuber gave me the inspiration to start making my own sims 3 videos I was really interested. Then, I started finding difficulty of getting the videos I had created onto youtube. But then, today, as I realized the SAME youtuber uses iMovie to edit and sort his videos the problem of not being able to upload it to youtube went away, because I knew I could import my videos onto iMovie - This is where my problem arose. I had the saved videos in a folder on my computer, but - these files were .avi files. Which, I soon realized weren't compatible with iMovie, because when I tried to open the file, it didn't give me the option to.

    So, what it all boils down to is, does anybody know a website that you can convert your files. Also, which file extensions do Youtube and iMovie accept? After looking around Yahoo Answers and Wikianswers, most people were saying it was .mp4

    - iMaisie.

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    iMovie accepts *certain kinds* of AVI files, but AVI is a container not a codec, so who knows what codecs are being used by that file.

    I would suggest converting the videos to MP4, which iMovie likes fine. Once you're done editing, the built-in YouTube uploader in iMovie will set the movie to your options for high quality.

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    Look into Handbrake to convert the movie files. It should be able to convert those files for you with ease.
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