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Thread: Imovie won't let me add a movie clip in...

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    Imovie won't let me add a movie clip in...
    I'm trying to create a video in Imovie.

    The video clip I'm trying to add in is roughly about 3 hours long[It's a whole baseball game]. I took it from a dvd.

    Basically someone had their camcorder at the game, recorded the whole game and burnt it to a disk.

    The video I took from the DVD is in .avi format.

    I put the movie on my external hard drive and when I'm in Imovie and hit file>import>movies... and then find my external hard drive it won't let me put the movie in.

    Any ideas how to fix it or what to do?

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    You'll need to convert it to a version of AVI (or something else) that iMovie accepts.

    There are several free tools to do this, from MPEG Streamclip to ReduxEncoder and many others that range from free to moderately expensive.

    DV is the best format to convert to, but will result in GINORMOUS file size for a 3 hour movie. Seriously, you'll need a whole nother hard drive to hold it.

    You can convert from AVI to "good" AVI or MP4 (recommended).

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