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    I need to video record my app demo
    How can I capture a demo of myself on my computer using an app? It's a tutorial I want to use with my own voiceovers. For example, YouTube - Garageband Tutorial Part 1

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    Search this forum for 'screen capture' or 'screen recording'. There are several applications that can do this.
    CameraTime - Time lapse photography for novice and advanced users.

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    Screenflow is pretty good. I use the built in screen recorder that comes with Quicktime X. Can render up to 1080p.
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    If you're needing the full screen to be "on screen" all the time, the built-in QuickTime X recorder in Snow Leopard will do the job.

    Screenflow is for people who want to add complexity, variety and post-editing to their screen videos. I find it excellent.

    I've also heard nice things about Camtasia but haven't personally tried it yet.

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