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    I have been loading some game dvd's onto my mac so that I may make a season ending video.

    Thanks to those here on the forums I have been able to do this. The process is tedious, but doable. I move the files from the dvd onto my machine with handbrake. I then convert the .mv4 files into .mp4 files using ffmpegx which I can download into iMovie.

    Unfortunately the video quality is so poor I really don't wish to share it with my players. Any suggestions to make the quality better in the process??

    Thanks in advance.

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    What would happen if you took one of those ".mv4" files and just RENAMED it to .mp4 I wonder?

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    Actually, it sounds like when he's doing his conversion in Handbrake, he's using some settings that is requiring it to use .m4v instead of .mp4. The mp4 container doesn't support things like AC3 audio, etc.

    If you don't have anything in the file that would require it to remain an m4v, you should, as chas_m suggests, just be able to rename it to an mp4.

    For more information on this particular topic with regard to transcoding/ripping with handbrake, see: HandBrake • View topic - AC3-in-MP4 where they have a fairly detailed discussion on the topic.
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    Thanks for the hints. I'm off to give them a look.

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