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Thread: Help with picking software

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    Help with picking software
    I am a college student with a mac who recently finished my high school football playing days. For my soph. and junior years our coach would make a highlight film of our games. Our coach left for a different school and is not making one for our senior year so I would like to make it.

    I am looking for software that can take the DVD of our 13 games and put them on my computer so that I can take the Highlights of certain games and turn them into a hour long "highlight film"

    I am looking to spend around $50.


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    Hi Jeremy, welcome to the forums!

    Well, since the DVDs are probably not encrypted (as they are basically home made movies I assume), you can use Handbrake to rip the DVDs to mp4s, then use iMovie (which you should have on your Mac as all relatively modern Macs to my knowledge have iLife installed) to import the mp4s to edit for your highlights.

    Best thing is it's either all free or already included software
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