Hey guys,

I'm brand new to the Mac world (just got a Macbook Pro 15" and Final Cut Studio 3 for my major) and I've run into a problem... I've got to have a vid made for my class in 12 days. My Sony DVD Handycam DCR-DVD92 doesn't seem to be compatible. It's the MiniDVD format. Is there any way I can get the footage from the little DVDs onto FCP7 to edit? I'd like to try to avoid having to buy a new cam if necessary. Looking at the cheapest option possible. I also have a DVD recorder machine called the "Sony DVDirect Multi-Function DVD Recorder VRD-MC3," that enables me to record the little DVDs onto big DVDs. Perhaps I could burn from small DVD to big DVD, then import the big DVD to FCP? And help would be much appreciated.