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Thread: AVCHD on DVD won't play in BluRay player

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    Question AVCHD on DVD won't play in BluRay player
    Hi all,

    Just recently picked up a Canon HF S100 flash-based camcorder. My BluRay player claims support of AVCHD files burned onto a data DVD. My player also has an SD slot. If I take video footage and put the SD card (from the camcorder) into the slot, the player plays the AVCHD files flawlessly. However if I copy the contents of that flash card onto a DVD+R, the player tells me This disk is incompatible."

    Any ideas?


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    It's probably because you have there a data dvd with an AVCHD folder structure on it instead of a DVD formatted for AVCHD with the proper lead in and lead out (and other things) for an AVCHD Video-dvd.

    The only way to do it on a Mac cheaply AFAIK is using Toast w/ the HD plugin.
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