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    Video / Audio Problems
    Hello, I am new to these forums, so I accidentely posted this first in the Powerbook section before I saw this specific section. Anyway, I just got my Powerbook, and I am having trouble viewing videos on websites and some audio.

    When I try to watch some videos from websites, it says I do not have an Internet plug in. Someone from the Powerbook section told me to download mPlayer. I did that, and it still says I don't have an internet plug in. Then it tells me to go to a site to get one, and that site has the option to download either Windows Media Player or Real Player. I have Windows Media Player downloaded also, and still it says the same thing. Also, for instance, some audio from sites aren't working, for example, Amazon music I cannot listen to the samples, etc.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Well, without knowing what version of the players you have, here's what I suggest, make sure you have the most up-to-date versions of windows media player, real player and quicktime, Each site will have their own little quirks. If they want you to install a plug-in, and the link takes you to the site for the specific player, do so, if you are having problems viewing certain movie downloads in quicktime, you can always download the Divx for mac which alows you to view windows media files in quicktimes, takes about 2 minutes to download and toss in the appilcations folder. That lets you play .avi files and everything else. As for the amazon problem, I dunno, I played clips with no problem, so I'd suggest having both real player and windows media so if one doesn't work, the other likely will. Try clearing your cache in safari, doing it again or checking the help section on amazon to see if they have any better suggestions

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