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    Converting from mac to windows
    I uploaded all of my vacation videos to my mac but now my parents want to watch them, not my edited ones but just the raw footage but its in .mov format. They have a windows media center and the video formats wont work. I cant find a video converter to convert a .mov format to something windows can read.

    Can anyone help me out?

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    Matty try out Handbrake and if your parents have Quicktime they should be able to watch it. Just convert it to .avi and all should be fine .....

    And best of all Handbrake is free

    Or Quicktime Pro can also convert how you want it to

    Or easier if they download VLC for windows they will be able to watch just about any movie or audio as it can play just about any codec known to man

    Hope this helps

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    Just download quicktime for windows.

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