I have recently purchased a lacie d2 burner to go with the 12" powerbook running 10.3.9 with OT 7. I have Toast 6.1 titanium that came with the burner, the divx codex for quicktime so that it does play .avi files. The problem comes when I used ffmpeg to convert the .avi to mpeg and then burned it via toast. I lost audio sync once I played it on the standalone system. I tested the movie in apple DVD and on the movie player and the sound was in sync, not to mention the fact that when I played the .avi prior to the burn, the sound was also in sync. I have played some burned dvds that others have given me on this player and the sound was in sync, so there is obviously some step I am missing. Just to recap.

Right now I have:

A movie.dvd file consisting of audio_ts and video_ts from the ffmeg conversion. This is the file I used to burn in toast. Great video, bad audio.

I also saved all the video and audio files that came out of the conversion which were an .ac3 file, an .mpv file and an .mpg file.

When played the audio is only out of sync by what seems to be a few frames, what can I do to sync this up?