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    I need some major help imovie09
    Hey guys...I've been making some videos that I publish to youtube on my imovie09 program from my IMAC. However everytime I publish a video it takes at least 4 hours to publish onto youtube. I have researched alot and I can't figure out what the problem is. Everyone else says theirs only take about 30 mins or even videos are only 6 minutes long so I don't knwo what it wrong.

    If anyone can help me that would be great because waiting 4 hours for a 6 min video to publish is irritating. Is it my settings? I usually share straight to youtube I have also tried exporting to movies and sharing to web as well..I don't know what is wrong..PLEASE HELP!!!

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    You can try going to
    Share>export movie
    then choose a lower quality setting and see if that works.
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