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Thread: Camcorder streaming question.

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    Camcorder streaming question.
    I work doing production for a wrestling company, I use my Macbook pro with a projector to put videos on the big screen (music/entrance videos and such)
    I normally have my JVC everio gz hd320 camcorder nearby recording the show, I was wondering, is there anyway I can take the feed from the camera as its recording and show the camera feed on the projector during the matches?
    I currently use VLC to show videos but I cant find a way of showing the video feed on my computer screen along with other videos? sorry if this is a little overcomplicated.

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    As far as I know, only firewire based cameras will do that with a Mac.
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    I know for a fact that you can record while the camera is connected to the computer, but xstep is right. The only way to transfer video is using a firewire cable, while a USB connection will only transfer still photo's.

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    JVC HD Camcorder Streaming Question

    I work for JVC and would like to try and help.

    While you are recording, you cannot connect via USB to your computer and stream at the same time. About the only thing you could do is connect the HDMI output from the camcorder directly to your projector (if it doesn't have HDMI, it may have DVI which is easily adaptable to HDMI) and switch to it that way. That would work to monitor the camcorder live while it is recording.


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