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    Editing with a 2.2 ghz mac book
    Hi, i have a 2.2ghz aluminium macbook and i was wondering if video editing using adobe premier pro will work with it ? Would it be necessary to upgrade my ram from 2gb to 4 gb ? I also understood that i would be needing a faster HD ? but unfortunately my macbook doesnt have a firewire port so will external hard drives with usb 2.0 be fast enough ? if not , should i replace my internal HD to a 7200rpm HD ? thanks

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    I use a 2.16GHz (older than yours) BlackBook to edit video on iMovie all the time.

    Adobe being a RAM, um, lady of the evening ... I would go ahead and bump up that RAM as far as you can, yes.

    For standard definition video, you should be okay with your setup as-is (barely). This really isn't the IDEAL machine for such work, but it should be "okay."

    If you're going to do this on a regular basis or you're dealing with HD, I'd forget that machine and move up ASAP.

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