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    Optical Scene Detection - DVDs to .mov
    I have a box of DVDs that are of football games. Each game has about 150 plays. I am looking for some way to rip the DVD into 150 separate files (.mov, .avi, .mp4) using some type of automatic OPTICAL SCENE DETECTION. These are homemade DVDs - no copy protection of any kind.

    Any ideas? And yes, Handbrake is great - we use it now, but then we must use a separate piece of software to manually mark the beginning and ending of each play. That takes up A LOT of time.

    I have found some software that is SUPPOSED to be able to do this on a Windows PC, but nothing on the Mac yet. And I say SUPPOSED to, because I haven't got any of the PC software to work yet as well.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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    Ditto that!

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