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    Best Program For DVD Authoring
    Does anybody know of a program that will let you put as many hours of video as you want into a standard DVD .iso (4.7GB)? I've been using Visual Hub for years now and I've gotten as many as 18 hours on one DVD with decent quality but it doesn't seem to handle high-def video very well. Toast is a pain because it won't allow allow the quality below a certain level.

    I just want to be able to mp4s and other hd video files and put them on a DVD without a whole lot of conversion hassles.

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    Have you thought about just recording them on 8-hour VHS tapes?

    Sorry, but such low quality is just ... well nevermind, let's just say I have a low opinion of such an endeavour and leave it at that.

    You can put about 8-10 hours of DivX files on a single-sided DVD with quite acceptable quality using the "Home Theatre" profile, and there are a number of DVD players out there that can read DivX/XviD files straight off an ISO DVD. That is by far the least-hassle route I've come across.

    Trying to put HD video on a standard-def DVD and expecting the same quality or without "conversion hassles" is just nutty.

    I think your best bet is overnight batch-processing of MP4s (et al) to DivX/AVI Home Theatre profile, and buying a DVD player that can play it. It's worked out incredibly well for me.

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    I have literally hundreds of hours of VHS tapes waiting for a digital conversion! lol

    You're right chas, the whole concept is ridiculous but I have been successful before putting HD video onto DVD to watch on a standard 4:3 TV just not on the scale I talked about. I realize that the video quality degrades significantly and I am willing to accept that. I don't know if you have used VisualHub but it is an amazing app and unfortunately the company that made it went out of business and therefore no support. A lot of times it just comes down to specific tweaks in the .vob encoding process to tackle hd video. Anyway, it's too bad there's no reasonable alternative to the fantastic VisualHub.

    Thanks for your advice.

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