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    Unhappy Question on unpacking video files.
    I download audio and video files from Usenet newsgroups and I have been running into files which have a filename format of, as an example, '
    'football_game.avi.001', 'football_game.avi.002' an so on with a trailing set of sequential numbers.

    The computer thinks they are rar files but I have tried UnrarX and a number of other rar expanders and they don't work.

    Initially I thought the files were misnamed but I am seeing more and more of these type video files. What are they and what application can I use to unpack them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There should be a master file that goes with all of those .001, .002, .003 etc files - you should be able to get the master file to start the process (if it's a rar series of files, you should be able to use something like Download RAR Expander for Mac - Extracts files contained in RAR archives. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads )...
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    No luck
    RAR Expander didn't work. I've also tried a number of other rar expanders. There are par files with the other files and I've tried newTollsEZ on them but it just comes back and says no repair needed. I havent been able to find an expander that can work with files with trailing numbers. I also dont see a master file.

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    Got it! Something called MacHacha did the trick.

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