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Thread: Need to convert from mini-DVD into wmv, mov, or avi

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    Need to convert from mini-DVD into wmv, mov, or avi
    What do I need to take video down from a mini-DVD recorded from Handycam, into a format that can be posted to YouTube (assuming wmv, mov, or avi)? Is there a free software I can download to convert? I have iDVD on my Mac, but it won't take an import from the mini-DVD either.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure how mini-dvds are recorded off hand -


    They are laid out like DVDs and finalized with a menu (ie: you can play them in a regular DVD player right out of the camera), you should be able to use Handbrake to rip the video to an mp4


    it is just a grouping of video files on the disc (that isn't playable by a DVD player), you should be able to take those files and convert them using handbrake or mpegstreamclip to an mp4 or mov.

    Hope that helps!
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