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    Toast Titanium question???
    I really love using Toast mainly because it's so easy to use and also it easy to put multiple movies on one disc and add menus and what not.

    My question is though that every time I burn a disc whatever I burn always comes out "zoomed in." Basically the image is just zoomed in on the screen and you can definitely tell since sometimes the image is grainy or names in the credits run off the screen.

    I'd really like to continue using Toast is there's a way to fix this. I also use VisualHub occasionally but sometimes it's just a little too simple and I really like the option of being able to have menus and what not.

    So if anyone knows how to fix this problem that'd be awesome but I would also take suggestions are other programs similar to Toast.


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    Make sure you have the proportions set like 4:3 or 16:9
    I try to help
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    How so I set the proportions on Toast?? I tried looking around to see if I could mess with stuff but I couldn't really seem to come up with anything.

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