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    Need to rip VR DVD to HD for editing.
    Got some horrible primitive gear and the closest I can get my cam vids to my HD is on a DVD which I don't seem to be able to rip. I've downloaded a few dozen programs and none of them will recognize the DVD as an acceptable media. It's in VR format and plays fine in DVD players. Handbrake won't even install (if it could even get the job done.) G4 Tower running Tiger.

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    Try ripit.

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    You might try MPEG Streamclip (free).

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    Nov 24, 2007
    Yeah, I finally got that to work. It's a mess though, it just makes one huge movie file. I figured out how to create proper dvds off the camera, but when I rip them to the HD, it still merges all the individual chapters (in this case, my takes) into one file instead of like 30 different movie files, so it's almost impossible to edit it.

    Is there a program or am I missing an option to rip chapters from a dvd into separate movie files?

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