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    IMovie Project Problem...Please help...
    Hi, I have a video project due Saturday and have a problem. I created the IMovie Project in IMovie HD 6.0.3. Total size was 7.64 GB and was copied to a usb thumb drive. I tried to transfer the file on to my friends Macbook and it did not recognize the file. He has IMovie 09 so not sure if it's a compatibility issue or what?. I'm using an Imac G5 (not intel), He is using a Macbook Pro and we are both running leopard. We used a Toshiba thumb drive and when saved on my mac the Imovie project with the star appeared on the drive. When I plugged it the drive into his Macbook Pro it read the file totally different! It showed the project as a folder and broke it down into many different parts. The actual IMovie Project (instead of the star icon looked like a PC file.) We can't figure this out and it's needed this saturday. Any help would be very much appreciated...
    Sorry for the book but was trying to add as much detail as possible...

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    It may be because its different versions of imovie but Im pretty sure I read somewhere you can bring movies from older versions onto new versions.

    Im guessing you are copying the save file from one computer to another. You may try exporting using quicktime. Then bring the quicktime movie (.mov) to the other computer and import it into imovie.
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    An iMovie project LOOKS like a single file, but it isn't. It's a package (a collection of folders and files wrapped together.

    I suspect what the problem was is that putting it on a PC-formatted thumb drive, the drive didn't know what to make of this "file" and de-packaged it for ya.

    There's already a thread that answers this here, as it turns out! (just found it myself!)

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    Thank you guys for the help. chas m I think you are right. The thumb drive says it will work with Mac but originally was prob formatted for windows. (I think they call it Fat32)format. My only question would be why didn't it break down the IMovie project into parts when I saved it on my Mac to that thumb drive. It saved as 1 IMovie file? Well this helps and we will format and try again. I'll post the outcome as soon as I find out.


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