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    Best Software for making Highlight Videos
    Any suggestions on what software to use that's both reasonably priced, but offers some of the tools needed to make sports highlight videos (i.e. inserting arrows, shadows on individual players).

    I currently use iMovie, and though there are ways to insert images with transparent backgrounds, I'm just looking for something that has this feature built in.

    BTW, first time posting in the forums, but I do search them regularly, seems to be a very helpful group of people.

    thanks in advance

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    Final Cut Express?

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    Final cut express is probably what you want to go with, but if you've only used iMovie it might be difficult to learn.
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    iMovie is a nice package with a lot of really neat features, but it won't do the very specific things the OP said he wanted.

    ISTR that iMovie 6 HD had third-party plug-ins that enabled SOME of what the OP says he wants to do, but who in their right mind would invest hundreds of $$ in iMovie 6 HD at this point?

    So that kinda leaves either Final Cut Express or Adobe Premiere (which I don't know much about). I believe they will do what's required by the OP.

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    Thanks so much for the help, I've been looking into Final Cut Express, and it definitely looks like it's going to be able to do the things I'm interested in doing. Thanks again!

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