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    Question Recording my Xbox please help!!
    Hey cool people with macs!

    I made this thread because I'm looking for a capture card to record my xbox with. I already know of a few well known brands but all i ever see is 'Compatible with Windows Vista!' and there isn't ever a mention for mac users.
    I currently have a JVC standard TV its not HD or Even a flat screen just a wide screen. A useful feature is the dubbing channel feature though. I have managed to get a scart plug thing with an output feature and I have a JVC DVL 9800 cam corder recording the xbox picture. Thats all nice but the quality is not worth the space it gobbles up on my Hard drive and the JVC camera is not compatible with my JVC TV... lol
    Here are some pictures to help explain...

    please suggest a capture card that i can plug into this setup

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    You could try the eyeTV hybrid, it's made specifically for the mac. Overview EyeTV Hybrid
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    There are alot of options for you - Do you use component cables?

    Here are a few different ones to look at: (ALL WILL WORK WITH MAC)
    1. Hauppauge HD PVR (high quality up to 1080i)
    2. Blitz Box - mixed models so I attached a product guide - (mixture of quality and wireless option)
    3. Blackmagic Video Recorder (Low quality 480p via AV cable & Good 720p via component cable)
    4. Elgato Video Capture (Low quality AV cable 480p)

    There are a few options for you to look into anyways.
    I would assume that the blackmagic video recoder would be more what your after and it's actually cheap at $149.00 (US) so I have attached a review for you aswell.

    I've been looking into all this for weeks on end trying to find a way to record from my ps3 without elminating the use of my hdmi leads and only just recently found out how to do it and while looking for the answer I stumbled onto all of these ones so I thought I'd post em up and save you the trouble.

    Kind Regards, Trev. (T-BILLIONS)

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    cheers people will look into the suggested items
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