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    DVD Screenshots?
    I need to photo capture some images from some DVDs. The DVD Player apparently does not allow that. But two of my co-workers had absolutely no problems doing it and they both have macs (their's are better though. Could that have anything to do with it?). I really need to get these images. Is there a seperate program I can download to watch the DVDs and get the images? Please help, I really need these images as soon as possible.

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    Apple changed DVD player somewhere along the line (not sure where, prob. 10.6) to allow screenshots, but I've always found the free VLC does the job more easily anyway, since its snapshot engine is built-in. It's a handy tool to have around for other reasons as well.

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    Im having a lot of fun with Jing ATM and you can pick it up HERE.

    You can also do scrolling Screen Shots if you have that long web page you need to get.
    Quite versatile ..

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    Capture Me is stoopid easy to use and free. Drag the window to the size you need and click on it. It also records motion.

    Capture Me - Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X

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