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    Music and Video Production on Mac Computers
    Hey, I am in a band called "The Bergamot" we are an independent band that operates on Macs only...We recently used our Mac computers to produce this song and video....Take a look...Thanks!!!

    YouTube - "You+Me" - The Bergamot

    "I play in a band. It's a really underground band. Super underground. Very underground. Like, we don't even actually play." -Greg Behrendt

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    checked it out and dug it and said so.

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Thanks! We will shoot you some free demos for yourself and some of your friends if you would like - we are trying to spread the word! You can contact us at if you are interested!! The EP comes out Mid February. We are really excited about it. Thanks for posting on youtube too!!!
    Team Bergamot

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