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    Hello dear people of Mac-Forums..would you be so kind and help me again..?

    I'm using a late2009 MacBook Pro , I really want to somehow connect my Mac to my prehistoric TV (Sony Trinitron) with a 3 RCA input

    I have a MiniDisplay port to HDMI convertor which works with an HD tv perfectly

    And a HDMI to 3 RCA cable :
    DealExtreme: $8.48 Gold Plated HDMI to Component Video 3-RCA Cable (1.6M-Length)

    Can i do this?



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    Lets make sure we are talking about the same thing . Wen you say prehistoric tv I think composite video not component video. Then you start talking about 3 RCA and I think well component video does use 3 for video but two more for audio and composite uses 3 total for audio and video.

    So component video { just video ) uses a red , green , blue
    composite uses red, white , yellow

    so I ask you which ports does your tv have ?


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    NO, you cannot go from HDMI to component on a $9 cable. Forget it.

    You will need a converter box, similar to this. If you find one for much less than $200-$250, I would be extremely skeptical and wouldn't give them my money unless I could find some 3rd party reviews.

    I would not purchase one from any company I have never heard of and/or could not find anyone that had ordered something similar.

    I'm not even sure I would attempt it.

    You could also look for DVI to component. But, you must look for DVI-D. DVI-I to component will not work from the current gen Macs.
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    And at the end of all that, it will look crap.

    If you want to run your computer (which is greater than HD resolution) on a TV, you need to have a TV that can at least come somewhere close to your native resolution. The TV you are describing sounds like it can do 640x480 tops.

    To get an idea of how awful that will look, change your computers resolution to 640x480 (if that's even possible).

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