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Thread: moving an imovie from one computer to another

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    moving an imovie from one computer to another
    I downloaded video from my camera into imovie 08 on my MacBook. I want to move the video to iMovie 08 on another Mac to edit it. I downloaded it to iMovie 08 on my MacBook because my camera requires a firewire, and the computer I want to edit it on doesn't have a firewire port. How can I move the video to the other computer?

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    iMovie 08 and 09 have two terms depending on where you are with a project:

    1. If you've downloaded video footage into iMovie but haven't started editing it yet, it's known as an EVENT. To move it, all you need to do is copy the specific event folder from (your home folder)/Movies/iMovie Events to the same place on the other Mac.

    2. If you've started editing it, that means you've created a PROJECT. Which means you will ALSO want to copy the (your home folder)/Movies/iMovie Projects file which matches the name of your event into the same folder on the other Mac.

    I believe that is all that is required.

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