Ok so this is making me so mad. I have a panasonic hdc-sd9 and when I try to upload it to youtube the quality goes **** and all messed up. These are the steps I take when uploading it: First, record video onto a SDHC card. Then plug my camera into my macbook pro os X 10.5.8, 2.4 GHz, 4 GB of Ram. Next I upload the video onto iMovie '09. Next I take the clips that I want and put them into a new project. Up to this point the video quality is great. Then I upload the video into Final Cut Express and I have to upload it in a DV format because it's the only format FCE can read and I can edit without it getting all pixalted, or messed up, but the quality is a little worse. Then when I export the edited video from FCE into a Quicktime format with the highest settings, then upload it onto youtube and it's not HD at all and might as well be a phone camera quality. I have also tried uploading video from iMovie to youtube directally using iMovies youtube thing. Any help at all would be great, I really don't want to have to sell this camera.