I imported an old iMovie06 project (originally imported from a camcorder) into iMovie09 and it lists it under the wrong year in the Events list. It seems iMovie09 is looking at the clips (OS) dates instead of date when the movie was shot. I tried, and I could not simply drag it to the correct year. However, when I import other movies from the same camcorder, it puts them under the correct year in the Events list - the actual year when they were shot.

Now, iMovie06 knew the date when the movie was shot. I click on each clip and I see it. I am not sure if this info is inside individual clips (like exif in jpegs) or somewhere else in iMovie06. If I open the clips in QuickTimePlayer, I cannot see the date in movie inspector. The point is, the date gets lost on its way to iMovie 09.

Bottom line, I have to questions:

1. Is there any way to fix this properly, other than import the movie again from the original tape into iMovie09? I can always trick iMovie09 by changing the file (OS) dates via "touch" in the terminal, but I want to do it properly.

2. How does iMovie08 remember the date when the movie was shot? Does it store it in a special place or simply in the clip names (which look like "clip-2005-10-09....dv", as opposed to "clip01.dv" in iMovie06)?