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    iMovie soundtrack problems
    i've imported a song from iTunes into the soundtrack of my iMovie project -- and everything works fine, except that the imported audio track makes no sound! all of the other audio tracks work fine -- imported from other videos -- and when i play the song in the iTunes Library section of the Audio pane, it plays as it should -- but it won't make any sound in my movie! in case it matters: i just purchased the song from the iTunes music store.

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    Make sure you have deseleted all your items in your timeline. Sometimes, iMovie is funny about only playing certain items in your timeline. Move the playhead to the begining of your movie making sure that nothing is selected. Then try playing through and see if it plays.

    Also, double check that the volume levels of the imported track are up high enough to be audible.

    Report back with results.
    DJ Lee

    Watts Up Productions

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