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Thread: Problem plugin PANSONIC NV-GS17 to miniMac

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    Problem plugin PANSONIC NV-GS17 to miniMac
    Good afternoon,
    I do need your help.
    I'm trying to plugin a camera PANSONIC NV-GS17 to a new miniMac through Firewire using a 4-Pin to 9-Pin cable (Belkin).

    - OS Mac OS 10.6 (10A432).
    - iMovie

    - System recognizes that is "something" connected but is unable to specify what and, of course, connect.
    - System recognizes camera through USB but only as Webcam not as camcorder (Recognized as DVC. You may only take photos with it by using Photo Booth but can't get any video from it.

    Actions taken:
    - Asked Panasonic about problem. Answer: "Panasonic doesn't have an special driver for that OS. Drivers should be a problem to be resolved by the computer maker". Nice service!.

    - How can I plugin the camera in my miniMac?
    - Do I really need a special dirver?.
    - Could anyone help me with that?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Should work just fine in iMovie. Do you have the camera in playback mode? Mac's won't capture video via USB, you definitely want to use Firewire. And no, there's no "driver" for digital video cameras, they're a standardized data stream.
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    There have been some well known issues with firewire on 10.6.x, here's a huge thread on it at Apple:

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Firewire issues after Snow Leopard... ...

    On page 2 someone is having trouble getting their Panasonic camcorder to work on firewire (different model, but same type of problem).

    It doesn't seem to affect everyone, but certain hardware just isn't working right for some reason. You may want to see if you have a friend who has a different camcorder that will accept your tapes and see if you can get his to work on your system... Not saying it will solve the problem, just saying that there is an issue and unfortunately, your camcorder may be one that is problematical It could of course be something else, but I'd say read over that thread at Apple and see if there are any tips there that might help.
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