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    Capture Card for Mac Desktop?
    Hi, I was wondering if there was a capture card that works for a Mac desktop, and not a laptop that could record audio and video from my xbox 360 and to put it into I Movie so that I can make movies.

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    I just bought the Blackmagic Design: Intensity for use with my 2007 Mac Pro desktop. I think it would get the job done. It currently runs about $200.00 but I have seen them for less. I think there is an earlier version of this card (without the HDMI input/output for less).

    These are half size cards that fit into a PCI slot. After several attempts to install the card I contacted tech support thinking I had gotten a defective card. I received two responses from them in quick order even though this was done over the two days before Thanksgiving. The problem seems to have been that the card was not fully seated.

    The website and documentation mention capture with Final Cut Pro or the equivalent Adobe Suite but I used their included capture application. I have successfully pulled short clips into both iMovie and Final Cut Express. You cannot use the card directly within FCE because FCE depends upon firewire based video capture. I think it would easily handle longer clips but I was merely testing the process at the time.

    If you purchase this card look to purchase some additional cables. The connections on the breakout cable are a bit short considering that you would be reaching behind the computer to make connections. These cables are female RCA ends and HDMI connections. The cables should be available at any electronics shop/Best Buy or other retailer.
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