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    VLC Player on IMAC
    Hi all,

    I recently bought my mum a new imac for xmas - and was up late one night playing around with i decided to watch a copy of Star Trek....which i ripped from an original on a dvd. This plays back on my PC Laptop/desktop without a hitch.....however running through the VLC player i downloaded on the imac and running off the dvd....I noticed the play back would often halt, as if it were caching video?? I was a little annoying to watch on the imac...any reason this would be so? The dvd player on the imac is working fine.

    Also being new to macs, is there any better player than VLC?



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    Mate just a quick one but talking about ripping dvd's in this forum is not aloud but before the mods close the thread VLC would be the best out there IMO ....

    Good luck
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    Oops - sorry about that 'ripping' comment - note to self ^^

    But thanks Tattoo.

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