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    How best to convert .mod files without losing quality
    I'm very new to the video and mac world, so please - tread lightly on me! I've spent the better part of 2 days playing around with how to transfer files from a Canon camcorder with a SD Flash Drive and end up with a good looking product on DVD while using iMovie and iDVD. Here is what I have tried and been unhappy with. I have downloaded and purchased the appropriate plug-ins (?) for MPEG Streamclip. When I convert a .mod file to .dv file - iMovie doesn't immediately recognize the file and thus you have to manually import each file...major pain. When I convert to a .avi file and place it in my iPhoto library - iMovie picks it up and allows me to make adjustments without importing...very nice. BUT, when I create a .avi file and use the default settings - I seem to lose significant quality. The video is very jumpy when burned to DVD and played on TV. If I move the quality scale up to 100%, my files are ENORMOUS and the quality doesn't appear to be any better. Does anyone have any suggestions for settings that maintain the original file quality? When I play the files directly from my camcorder onto the TV - they look just fine and the .mod files are very tolerable in size. What can I set MPEG Streamclip to export as and what should I use for settings? Sorry to be so long winded, but I'm trying to supply enough info because there appears to be some VERY qualified people here. Thanks so much for your help!!!

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    XStep is a better helper then I when it comes to iMovie, but as it's a SD based storage medium for video, have you tried just hooking up the camcorder with the SD card in it and seeing if iMovie acknowledges it and allows you to import the footage directly?

    You also didn't mention which camcorder you're using, nor did you mention which version of iMovie you have. If you have a new Mac, then you probably have iMovie '09, or if you have a recent Mac, maybe iMovie 08?

    Here's one of the compatibility lists from Apple (covers iMovie '08, you should be able to find one for '09 as well):

    iMovie ?08: Camcorder Support

    see if your specific camera is listed - if it is, then you should be able to just hook the camera up with the SD card in it and iMovie recognize it (assuming you are using iMovie '08 if comparing with this list)
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