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Thread: Burning Home Video from one DVD to another blank DVD Disc

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    Burning Home Video from one DVD to another blank DVD Disc
    I made a home videos years ago for church services and then sold them to the members of the church for church fundraising. I was looking for a simple method of making a copy of one of these dvd's for a member.

    Isn't there an easy way to make a copy of it using the mac itself without having to use special software? If not, is there some free special software out there to do this for me. Handbrake keeps telling me I need to down load VLC or something and I don't understand it. I downloaded what it asked and it still doesn't work. I also ripped the disc using Mac the Ripper but now how do I burn that image to disc to make it play on a standard DVD player? It saves it as a .dvdmedia file.

    I own a DVD duplicator 1 to 2 where I used to do this kind of stuff, but I am about to sell it as I no longer do this often and I need to know how to do it on my computer. Thanks!

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    You should be able to pop the DVD in, go to Disk Utility and create an image of the DVD, then burn that newly created image onto a blank DVD to have an exact copy..


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    This is just the question I was about to ask!!

    I am currently creating an image of my original DVD. I am putting it on the desktop.

    How do I then burn this to DVD?

    I'm guessing maybe insert a blank DVD and drag the image icon onto the DVD icon in the finder menu???

    (I'll be gutted if I have to fire up the PC to do this, so praying it works!! Need to figure it out quickish as it's a Christmas Present!)


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    When making the image it came up with the question about compression, I didn't adjust what it came up with, which WAS to compress. Should I have turned that off? I would like to make an exact copy of the original DVD.

    It doesn't need compressing as it's only about 90 mins of camcorder footage

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    Screw making a disk image, it's a waste of time, does nothing to help the process, I never understood why folks insist on making a disk image (which takes way to long).

    1- Create a folder on your Desktop named whatever the name of the DVD is.
    2- Copy the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders from the DVD to the folder on your Desktop.
    3- Insert a blank DVD, when asked, just tell it to mount to the Finder.
    4- Drag the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders into the mounted blank DVD on your Desktop.
    5- In the blank DVD's Finder window, top right, click "Burn".

    You then have a back up of your DVD, and can make copies any time you wish, move and copy to any location you want, watch on your Mac, etc. If you have to make multiple copies, you may want to invest in something like Dragon Burn or Toast.
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