In case there are any other Mac newbies out there trying to put a .ts MPEG transport stream file on to a DVD disc without having to re-encode it along the way here is how I have done it using opensource /100% free software.

(1) Using ProjectX v0.90.04.00.b31 from oozoon demux the .ts file into its component parts of video (.m2v) and audio(.mp2).

UPDATE: Oozon have updated Project X to v0.90.04.00.b32. I haven't used that version but I am sure it will work fine. I can't find an archive version of "b31" to link to from here. If you google you might find it archived somewhere (its MD5 is ddd9271e371c1a31d343b9a708a211de )

This de-muxing by ProjectX is very important. It fixes any errors that occurred during the broadcast of the the .ts file. If this step was left out you could end up with the audio and video going out of sync.

NOTE: ProjectX v0.90.04.00 from and oozoon did not work correctly on my mac.

(2) Using Avidemux 2.4.3 QT4 from here (I found version 2.5 a bit buggy) I loaded the video file (.m2v). Before it opens Avidemux asks do you want to index it. I found I had to select yes or the file didn't open.

Then load the audio by going to Audio/Main Tracků
For 'Audio source' select 'External MP3'
Then click on the 'open' button opposite 'External File' navigate to your previously demuxd .mp2 audio file and select ok.

In the left hand menu make sure the Video and Audio are both set to 'copy'. Then go down to 'Format' and select 'MPEG-PS (A+V)'.

Then go to File/Save/Save Video. Type a name for your file AND you have to add the file extension your self. So for this add .mpg as part of the title. Then click save.

Note:To listen to the audio in avidemux i had to switch it on by going to Preferences/Audio and then in 'Audio output' and selecting 'core audio'

(3) Open SmallDVD (v2.0b2 Sep 2009) This allows you to make a DVD video disc image without having to re-encode the .mpeg file. To use SmallDVD you have to downaload and install a small free 'helper' program called iMagine Photo. The details are on the SmallDVD website.

From the left menu click 'Add Video' and load the .mpg file. Name it when requested. This will appear on the DVD menu.

On the left menu under 'Format' it should say mpeg2video/mp2

Under 'Conversion' make sure 'No conversion' is selected (unless you actually do want to re-encode the .mpg). On the bottom of the SmallDVD window it should also say 'File is mpeg2/mp2 - no conversion required'

From the bottom menu where it says 'Output file' take note of the location. This is where your DVD disc image will be. Or you can change it if you like.

On the bottom of the SmallDVD window it will say: Converting: VIDEO TITLE
then Creating DVD Structure, then Making DVD image and finally DVD image successfully created!

As an example it took SmallDVD two and a half mins to 'convert' a 1.74 GB mpg file to DVD video disc image (the file was a 60min BBC program broadcast at a high quality: Audio 48kHz at 256kb/s and video at 720 X 576).
If you had to go through the process of re-encoding the file to convert in to a DVD disc it would take far longer, at least 30 mins AND the quality would have been reduced. Where as with this the quality is the exact same as when it was broadcast.

Finally to burn the disc image to DVD
(4) 'Crtl' click (or right click) on the 'newdvd.iso' that SmallDVD created and select Open with Disk Utility.
On the left menu you should see newdvd.iso. Slecect that by clicking on it once. It should now be highlighted. From the top menu of Disk Utility click burn.

I was using an iMac with Snow Leopard 10.6.1

For the record I am both a Mac and video editing/demuxing/etc newbie. This is just what I picked up in my efforts to transfer .ts file to DVD video using free software, and with out re-encoding the .ts file. There are probably loads of better ways of doing this, but I couldn't find them. I hope this helps other newbies.